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Every complete system and individual piece of equipment we engineer is designed to help companies reduce hard costs for their projects.

Wouldn’t it be great if more companies asked you “How can we reduce your overhead?” instead of “How flexible is your budget?” Solutions matter — arriving at the right one that improves your long term ROI matters more.

Here at Amix Systems, our team is fortunate to have deep expertise in systems design and control automation. It’s not just about building and selling high-shear colloidal grout mixing plants and products. We’re on a mission to help companies reduce their overall equipment costs and take big strides forward in jobsite productivity.

Do you want more efficient equipment?

Complete Custom Solutions

We take complex project needs and build automated, self-cleaning products and systems that simplify the grout mixing process.

grout mixing and pumping systems

Colloidal Grout Mixing Plants

Custom sized & built to suit

Our high-shear colloidal grout mixing plants are built using modular design principles with a focus on ease of use and scalability. Utilizing a clean and simple mill configuration with less moving parts, our plants and batch systems produce high outputs while maintaining a low carbon footprint.

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Colloidal Mixer Grout Mixing and Pumping

Colloidal Grout Mixers

High efficiency, large capacity, colloidal grout mixers that are low maintenance, reliable and self cleaning.

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grout pumps

Grout Pumps

Heavy duty centrifugal, peristaltic, progressing cavity and piston pumps suited for any application.

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agitation tank

Agitation Tanks

Reliable, long lasting agitation tanks in all sizes engineered for easy system integration or stand alone applications.

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Dust Collectors

High quality custom designed pulse-jet dust collectors and bag-houses that are robust, durable and safe.


Rugged, sturdy belt and screw conveyors custom designed for your material handling needs.

Paddle Mixers

Heavy duty batch or continuous mixers for cementitious grouts, shotcrete or other similar materials.

Silos & Hoppers

Small and large capacity material storage options available in standard configurations or custom designs.

Admixture Systems

Highly accurate and reliable powder and liquid mixing systems custom built for your project needs.

modular grout mixing plant

Modular Containers

Containerized or skid mounted solutions for enhanced protection, site security and easy transportation.

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