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Plant Overview:

The AGP Colloidal Grout Mixing System is centered around the AMIX Systems Ltd. (AMIX) patented high shear colloidal mixer ACM Hurricane. The plant will easily accommodate various mix designs, which gives flexibility in tailoring the recipe to the design specified. AMIX’s high shear colloidal mixers have been developed to overcome other mixer manufactures shortcomings in performance, reliability and value for our customers & projects.

SPECS, Options & Uses

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Heavy-duty 8/4E-MA high shear colloidal mills

203 mm (8”) inlet

102 mm (4”) outlet

Max Output - 272 m3/hr

Max Flow - 1,200 gpm

AGP Hurricane High Shear Mixing System

Mixer size - 2,500 litre (661 usg)

Max Output -30 m3 /hr (39 yds3 /hr =133 gpm)

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Options & Uses

Water Metering System

Water Surge Tank

Control System PLC & Enclosure Panel

Motor Control Center (MCC) & Enclosure Panel

Pneumatic Control System-Air compressor Package

Grout Pumps

Agitation Tank

Silos & Hoppers

Feed Systems

Screw Conveyors and other related material handling systems

Dust Collection

Admixture System

Diesel electric generator unit to power grout plant electrical system

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