Peristaltic Grout Pumps (APP) used for tunnel boring machine (TBM) and bentonite slurry and transfer – AMIX Systems. Here they are as they were getting ready to be shipped to client (Client: confidential, Project: confidential).

Peristaltic Pump

We take complex project needs and build systems and equipment that simplify the grout mixing process. Our client needed a heavy duty pumping solution for this project. Project requirements below:

Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) grout feed pump

The grouting process used for this project will be a two component “A” & “B” grout.

Grout will be water, cement, flyash, bentonite and liquid stabilizer. S.g. 1.3% solids by weight 36%. Flow rate variable up to 378 litres / min (100 gpm). Discharge pressure variable up to 2.5 Mpa (360 psi).

Bentonite Slurry & Transfer

The bentonite pump is used as a backup pump for the tunnel boring machine feed pump, will also transfer bentonite to both the TBM and to feed hydrated bentonite to the grout mixer to suit the mix design selected.

Bentonite slurry mixed at 8% with a batch content of approximately 235 litres (62 usg).  Pump flow @ 378 l/m (100 gpm) time to transfer bentonite slurry to grout plant approx = 37 seconds depending on cycle time requirements.

Peristaltic Pump