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RETC New Orleans 2015

RETC 2015 – AMIX Booth 1100

We’re at the Rapid Excavation and Tunneling 2015 (RETC 2015) Conference, in New Orleans June 7-10. Visit AMIX Booth 1100 for high performance grout mixing and backfill systems. RETC 2015 conference exceeds 1,400 professionals from more than 30 countries.Industries.  Sectors include construction, mining, geotechnical engineering, exploration, environmental, economics, manufacturing, government, land, water/wastewater and transportation. We are […]


Does your colloidal mixer have true colloidal mill technology?

The challenges are real. You know that selecting the right colloidal grout mixer for your project is key. Did you know, that not all colloidal grout mixers are the same? What stands out in our colloidal mixer is that the technology is based on true colloidal mill shearing. The colloidal mill shears the cement particles. […]

Self Cleaning Colloidal Mixer

Self Cleaning Colloidal Mixer. To put it simply, a colloidal grout mixer is a mixer designed to produce colloidal grout. It’s a dirty job and often requires chipping and manual labour during multiple clean-outs during a shift. Here at AMIX we have made advances to the design of our proven patent pending Amix Colloidal Mixer (ACM). This […]