Colloidal Grout Mixer

To put it simply, a colloidal grout mixer is a mixer designed to produce colloidal grout. It’s a dirty job and often requires chipping and manual labour during multiple clean-outs during a shift.

Here at AMIX Systems we have made advances to the design of our proven patent pending Amix Colloidal Mixer (ACM). This is a high-efficiency colloidal grout mixer that has robust features, and is built to work for you and the environment.

Our unit utilizes batch water for the cleaning cycle. This is a high-performance mixer that reduces downtime and waste to a minimum. Your plants will be operating at or near 100% capacity 24/7. Take a look at this video above to see the inside of the mixer post cleaning cycle.

Our mixer features 29% chrome replaceable liners and impellers (discars) for durability. Our grout pumps are reliable and easy to maintain and utilize high performance mechanical seals. Because our designs use less moving parts, you’ll get the job done faster and spend less time maintaining your equipment.

Why should you expect more from your colloidal mixer? Because you can. We’ve designed a colloidal mixer that is scalable, off the shelf, truly self-cleaning, and can produce bigger batches with ease of site set up, maintenance and operation.

If you want to know more about what makes our mixers different, please contact us. We are happy to chat.