Imagine a better solution. 

The AMIX Colloidal Mill (ACM) is a combination of the best technologies available in the world. AMIX Systems recognized a need for slurry plants that can produce high-quality grouts with near perfect reliability, availability under adverse conditions, and designed to operate continuously, 24/7. We developed our colloidal mixers & mills to overcome many of the shortcomings and outperform other mixers available on the market.

Significant improvements have been developed inside of the
AMIX Colloidal Mill & mixing system.

amix grout mixing plant

1) Tangential entry ports force the slurry to vortex within the mixing tank, very similar to a blender, and promotes additional mixing and cleaning.
2) Formed blades catch & force slurry down inside of lower section of the mixer.
3) Rotating mass of slurry is forced into the colloidal mill inlet which increases efficiency, prevents plugging, clogging and build up of materiels.
4) Slurry is forced into patented mixing impeller on both sides where the colloidal shearing is taking place. The 4 impeller face holes equally distribute slurry on both sides of the impellar.
5) Shear zone between impeller & replaceable wear liner.
6) High performance mechanical seal for reliability and long service life.
* The automated AMIX High Shear Colloidal Mixers (ACM) are equipped with a self cleaning system which reduces down time, clean up and maintenance

Development of the new patent pending AMIX high shear colloidal mills have easily replaceable, high chrome wear liners and patented purpose built high shear mixing impellers. We start with a Warman style heavy-duty slurry pump with cartridge type bearing drive, recognized as one of the best slurry pumps available in the world, that can run 24/7.





Compared to many others available on the market the AMIX Colloidal Mixer & mills are:

  • High performance, reliable, simple, easy to
    maintain with few moving parts.
  • All wear components are equipped with easily replaceable liners.
  • Mixing impellers & replaceable liners are cast out of 29% nickle chrome for durability and wear.
  • Shaft and bearings on our mills are much larger than other competitors.
  • ACM shafts are manufactured from heat treaded tool steel with replaceable wear sleeves.
  • We utilize tough high performance mechanical
    slurry seals on our mills. We have no leaking of grout, no down time, less maintenance.

“Bring your challenge. We’ll build the solution.”