Asphalt Grout Plant

AMIX Grout Plant (AGP) was built to produce a grout for pavement areas that are subject to heavy and/or slow-moving traffic, or where a durable, hard-wearing, impermeable, and fuel-resistant surface is required.


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Lafarge Canada Inc.
Design, Engineering and Fabrication
Completion Date
June 2017
Lafarge Canada Inc. retained AMIX in procuring a grout mixing unit to improve placement of Duratough grout and provide solution to unique paving challenges.

Lafarge construction businesses provide complete road construction services for commercial, residential, airport, municipal, and highway projects across Western Canada and the Western United States.

The Need:

Lafarge construction needed a system that would provide a cost-effective alternative to concrete, where construction speed and application of traffic are factors.

AGP-Typhoon Fully Automated Mobile High Sheer Colloidal Mixer

• High efficiency
• Fully automated
• Easy to maintain
• High quality control
• Easy to operate
• Self-cleaning
• Low waste
• Compact

The Solution

AMIX Systems provided a conceptual design and built a fully automated small scale high shear colloidal mixing grout plant.  The AGP-Typhoon is a modular design that was mounted on a trailer for easy mobility and access to project sites.  The AGP-Typhoon successfully provides a more robust, reliable, faster method in repairing pavement, reducing downtime on highway and road projects.

More Accessible
AMIX Grout Plant (AGP) is simple to operate, low maintenance, compact having a low carbon footprint, highly mobile and easily accessible to site.
More Reliable
The AMIX Grout Plant (AGP) allowed Lafarge to quickly mobilize and make repairs quickly reducing traffic and delays.
More Efficient
AMIX Grout Plant (AGP) required little or no operator intervention, minimal clean up, no waste while producing high quality grout mixes within customer specifications.

Lafarge AGP-Typhoon

Services and Equipment Provided:

• AGP-Typhoon Fully Automated Mobile High Sheer Colloidal Mixer

– PLC control system w/ remote access
– Controller, motor controls and pneumatic systems
– Fast and slow water metering system
– AAT Agitation tank
– Remote pump flow control
– Bulk storage feed integration
– Dust collection system
– Mounted on Trailer for ease of transport and setup

Mark Chalmers
Construction Performance Manager - Lafarge Canada Inc.