Heavy Mixer for Construction and Mining Grouting Applications

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Are you looking for a reliable, high-performance heavy mixer for your construction or mining grouting project? Look no further than AMIX Systems’ lineup of advanced grout mixing plants. Designed to handle the toughest jobs, these mixers deliver consistent quality, efficiency, and durability.

Discover the Power of AMIX Systems’ Heavy Mixers

AMIX Systems offers a range of heavy mixers to suit various project needs and scales. From the compact AGP Typhoon series for smaller jobs to the robust AGP Hurricane plants for large-scale operations, there’s a perfect fit for every grouting application.

AGP Typhoon: Flexibility and Efficiency in One Package

The AGP Typhoon mixing plants are ideal for lower output projects that require flexibility. Available in manual hand-fed, semi-automated, and fully-automated configurations, these mixers can adapt to your specific requirements. Despite their compact size, AGP Typhoon plants maintain a low carbon footprint while delivering high output.

AGP Cyclone: Customizable Solutions for Medium-Scale Projects

When it comes to medium-sized grouting jobs, the AGP Cyclone series shines. These mixing plants can be tailored to virtually any application, from cement grouting and jet grouting to soil mixing and micro tunneling lubrication & grouting systems. With their self-cleaning capabilities and ability to operate 24/7, AGP Cyclone plants offer unmatched operational availability and low maintenance.

AGP Hurricane: Heavy-Duty Performance for Demanding Applications

For projects that demand the highest output and reliability, the AGP Hurricane mixing plants are the ultimate choice. Available in containerized and skid-mounted options, these heavy mixers can handle a wide range of applications, including:

  • Cement grouting
  • Jet grouting
  • Soil mixing
  • Two-component grout for TBM operations
  • Micro tunneling lubrication and grouting systems
  • Annulus backfill
  • Bentonite and other powdered mixing
  • Micropile grouting
  • Soil nail grouting
  • Paste backfill
  • Cemented rockfill (CRF)

Built with durability and efficiency in mind, AGP Hurricane plants feature a clean, simple design with fewer moving parts, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimal downtime.

AMIX Systems’ grout pumps and feeders are designed to deliver top performance and reliability. Whether you’re tackling construction grouting, backfill grouting, or other heavy-duty projects, these systems offer the durability and efficiency you need. Dive into more about colloidal mixing and grout batch mixers to find the best solutions for your projects.

Amix colloidal heavy mixer

Experience the AMIX Colloidal Mixer (ACM) Advantage

At the heart of AMIX Systems’ heavy mixers lies the patented AMIX Colloidal Mixer (ACM). This cutting-edge technology delivers superior mixing performance, producing homogeneous, stable grout mixtures that resist bleeding and offer excellent pumpability and flowability.

The ACM’s self-cleaning function, which utilizes batch water for cleaning, significantly reduces downtime and waste, allowing plants to operate at or near full capacity 24/7. Equipped with high chrome replaceable liners, impellers, and high-performance mechanical seals, the ACM is built to withstand the most abrasive materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and easy maintenance.

Trust AMIX Systems for Your Heavy Mixer Needs

With over 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing automated grout mixing plants, batch systems, and related equipment, AMIX Systems is your trusted partner for all your grouting needs. Their commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction has made them a leading provider of heavy mixers for the construction and mining industries worldwide.

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