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Admixture Systems

Highly accurate and reliable powder and liquid mixing systems custom built for your project needs.


Gravimetric or Volumetric dispensing.

Microingredient feeders used for adding dry granular products into batch processes, mixers, and continuous flow applications in construction, civil, and mining industries.

AMIX micro-ingredient feeders offers heavy-duty construction for harsh environments and a highly adjustable feed rate. They are configured with gravimetric or volumetric dispensing depending on your specific project application needs.

A volumetric feeder discharges a volume of material as a function of time while a gravimetric feeder weighs material.

Admixture Systems
Our admixture systems offer:
• Conical gravimetric weigh hopper
• Stainless steel fabrication
• Stair platform for material loading
• Vibrator to promote flow
• Tachometer speed pickup complete with proximity sensor
• Aeration system

AMIX designs are robust and simplified for end user and feature metering auger complete with agitator flights in hopper section, adjustable feed rates, small/large capacity hopper with hinged feed cover and hold down latch.

SPECS, Options & Uses

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Our feeders are automated and integrated into your system, have sealed flange bearings and waste pack seals and cover.

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Options & Uses
Admixture systems suitable for above ground and below ground installations

Conical gravimetric weigh hopper, stainless steel fabrication, stair platform for material loading, vibrator to promote flow, tachometer speed pickup complete with proximity sensor, and aeration system are all optional and site specific.

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