Grout Mixing Plants

AAT - Agitated Tanks

AMIX designs and fabricates agitators and tanks used for construction, civil, and mining applications


Built to fit, and fit to last

AMIX Systems tanks are reliable, long-lasting and built in all sizes engineered for easy system integration or stand alone applications.

AAT-Agitated Tanks feature point/continuous level indication, water flush systems, are constructed in mild or stainless steel, and have variable RPM depending on mixed product (20 RPM – 150 RPM) with variable speed drive to fine tune agitator intensity.

The AAT can either stand alone with simple controls or be fully automated.

AAT-Tank Colloidal Grout Mixing System Data Sheet

SPECS, Options & Uses

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Batch Capacity 600L (158 usg) - 12,000L (3,170 usg)

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Options & Uses

Offers bottom, side, and multiple discharge options, so you have easy and full access on demand.

Withstands long wear

Built with heavy-duty dual bearing gearboxes. This helps to absorb deflection of the shaft and minimize replacement of wearparts.

Optional inspection door for easy maintenance and cleaning

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