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Containerized or Skid-Mounted

Our designs take advantage of clean and simple mill configurations to ensure your grout plant always operates at near or full capacity.

Amix Grout Plants (AGP) are advanced grout mixing and pumping systems. The AGP is built using modular design principles with a focus on ease of use and scalability. The AGP utilizes clean and simple mill configuration with less moving parts.

The AMIX Systems AGP Hurricane line of mixing plants is designed for high-output applications and can be customized for virtually any application. The AGP colloidal grout plants produce high outputs while maintaining a low carbon footprint.

The Hurricanes are self-cleaning, can operate 24/7 with the highest operational availability, low consumption of wear components and maintenance available on the market, period.

AGP – Hurricane
The AGP is built for specific use in:
• Cement grouting
• Jet grouting
• Soil mixing
• (TBM) Two component grout
• Micro tunneling lubrication & grouting systems
• Annulus backfill
• Bentonite & other powdered mixing
• Micropile grouting
• Soil nail grouting
• Paste backfill
• Cemented rockfill (CRF)

AGP Hurricane Colloidal Grout Mixing System Data Sheet

SPECS, Options & Uses

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Max Output - 25 - 110+ m3/hr (110 - 480+ gpm)


203 mm (8”) inlet

102 mm (4”) outlet

Max Output - 272 m3/hr

Max Flow - 1,200 gpm

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Options & Uses

Containerized or Skid Mounted

Grout Pumps

Agitation Tanks

Silos & Hoppers

Feed Systems

Screw Conveyors and other related material handling systems

Dust Collection

Admixture System

Diesel electric generator unit to power grout plant electrical system

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