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Plant Overview:

The AGP Colloidal Grout Mixing System is centered around the AMIX Systems Ltd. (AMIX) patented high-shear colloidal mixer ACM Hurricane. The plant will easily accommodate various mix designs, which gives flexibility in tailoring the recipe to the design specified. AMIX Systems’ high-shear colloidal mixers have been developed to overcome other mixer manufacturers’ shortcomings in performance, reliability, and value for our customers & projects.

SPECS, Options & Uses

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Heavy-duty 8/4E-MA high shear colloidal mills

203 mm (8”) inlet

102 mm (4”) outlet

Max Output - 272 m3/hr

Max Flow - 1,200 gpm

AGP Hurricane High Shear Mixing System

Mixer size - 2,500 litre (661 usg)

Max Output -30 m3 /hr (39 yds3 /hr =133 gpm)

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Options & Uses


Water Metering System

Water Surge Tank

Control System PLC & Enclosure Panel

Motor Control Center (MCC) & Enclosure Panel

Pneumatic Control System-Air compressor Package

Grout Pumps

Agitation Tank

Silos & Hoppers

Feed Systems

Screw Conveyors and other related material handling systems

Dust Collection

Admixture System

Diesel electric generator unit to power grout plant electrical system

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